SSL secure certificate

SSL secure certificate

ssl-securityWe are very concerned about your privacy and making sure that what you tell us, stays with us. To guaranty your connection to this website is save we applied a SSL secure certificate to this website. A website with SSL secure certificate encrypts all data that is send from you to the website and back.ssl-secure-certificate To be sure you have a save and encrypted connection you can check the “lock” that is before the URL. Depending the browser you are using one of these symbols will apprear if your have a save and encrypted connection to our website. Another way to check this is by looking at the URL and see https instead of http. were the “s” stands for “save”.

This SSL secure certificate encrypts all data that is shown on our website making it near to impossible for third uninvited parties to look at information that is send between the website and it’s visitors. It is therefore highly unlikely that anyone can can read data that this send true or to this website.

This SSL secure certificate is¬† just another way to show that we take our clients seriously and that we life by the rule “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Our in this case, “What happens on, stays on”.

After you filled in the “secure” VIP treatment request form “that only ask for the most necessary details” we be able to start the process of finding you the best offers,¬†personalized complementaries or / and amenities made by our trusted partners. Afterwards we will set up a private account on our website were you can discuss any details regarding your request. Again within the secure and private surroundings of our website.

If you have any questions left please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the VIP treatment request or contact us via our contact page.


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